•  Prayer requests for the Center are communicated via e-mail/text as needed.
  •  Team members can be flexible in prayer time, praying for the needs as they arise, daily and/or praying for the needs over the course of the week.
  •  Commit to faithfully pray for the other members of the team, the leadership of the Center and any prayer requests presented to the team.
  •  Encourage their church to pray regularly for the leadership of the Center.
  • Prayer: That leadership always remembers that the Center belongs to God and that we are His ambassadors and missionaries in place to fulfill His work and will. 
  •  Handle all prayer requests with the utmost confidentiality and never share these outside of the team unless requested to do so by the person with the prayer request.
  •  Meet periodically for fellowship and corporate prayer.

For more information or to volunteer for this position, please email Richard Dunn at